SoCal Yellowfin Tuna Fishing

Yellowfin Tuna Fishing

Yellowfin Tuna are in range and local sports fishing boat counts are going up. With that, we are going to talk about a few different baits and techniques that will increase your chances of landing an Yellowfin.


On board the sport boat you may have the opportunity to troll when moving from location to location. Covering large amounts of water while trolling can increase your boat numbers while locating schools. Trolling feathers are a very popular and proven lure. Root Beer, Black and Purple, Mexican Flag, White, Blue White and Zucchini. Cedar Plugs are very good as well, in natural and blue and white seem to be the go to colors. As for deeper baits Halco Max 130’s have been very hot these past few years and Rapala’s are proven winners as well.




Hard Bait Lures

Fast moving bait fish style lures are a very good lure to use while fishing schools or while fishing the slide. Shimano Coltsniper’s are very popular while targeting all types of tuna from Yellowfin to Skipjack. PLine Laser Minnows, Mega Baits, Promar Ahi Assault Jigs are also very good choices. When fishing these lures it is important that you rinse them off after your trip so they do not rust and are ready for your next battle.


Flutter Jigs & Yo-Yo Irons

Shimano Flat Fall Jigs are becoming the go to bait when targeting tuna fish. For Yellowfin Tuna the use of the smaller size Flat Falls are the key, from 80 to 130 gram, the hot colors are Pink and Blue, Sand Eel, Black Anchovy and Blue Sardine. The glow color pattern works great in the early morning and in the evening. Savage Gear Squish Jigs are also good lures that work similar in action. Yo-Yo Jigs work really well, Salas 6X in Blue and White, Mint, Mint and White work well and Tady 4/0 Jigs in the same colors work great when targeting deeper fish.


Poppers and Surface Plugs

Poppers and Surface plugs are fun and exciting lures to use, watching a Tuna blow up on your lure is a fun sight to see and experience. You want a bait that will make a loud disturbance on the water mimicking fleeing bait fish. Using various retrieve patterns will help get that fish to notice your lure and increase your chances.


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