Mr. Robert Salamon: President/Owner

Bob Salamon is the President and Owner at Sav-On Tackle. Bob has been in the tackle industry for over 60 years. His passion is Safari hunting and the pursuit of anything huge that can hang on his wall.






photoAmy Rothschild: Vice President

Amy Rothschild is the Vice President at Savon Tackle and if you ask her she will tell you she is also the ‘glorified secretary’ lol. Amy has been around the tackle industry all of her life.







Jimmy Lew: 45yrs experience

Expert: Long Range Fishing, Rockfish, Inshore and Offshore Saltwater. Jimmy is Savon Tackle’s spectra to floro/mono connection expert. Ask Jimmy for help with any line to line connections or whats happening in local or offshore fishing.





Joe Emery: 40yrs experience

Expert: Long Range Fishing, Inshore and Offshore Saltwater. Joe is our ‘go to’ UPS shipping and handling expert and extremely knowledgeable in the materials parts department for rod building and reel repair. Joe is also an avid Trout and Bass fisherman and he is ready to serve you with all of your fishing needs, isn’t he cute?







Mas Iguchi: Master Reel Mechanic 40yrs working on reels

Expert: Mas is a genius at the repair and maintenance of any reel foreign or domestic. With the largest parts inventory in the United States Mas will repair, upgrade, lube and tune your reels to perfection. Make sure to see Mas in the store Monday through Friday.





Diego Gamboa: 20 yrs experience

Expert: Diego is GLoomis/Shimano and Creek company Pro Staffer. As a Pro Staffer Diego’s Inshore and Freshwater experience will get you dialed in on the right track. Diego is available to help you five days a week. Savon Tackle is proud of Diego’s military backround as a Navy Veteran and retired Chief Petty Officer.






James Smith: 18 years experience

Very knowledgeable in both freshwater and saltwater tackle.





Toai Garcia: 15 yrs experience

Toai or “Tee”, is sponsored by Irod and is very knowledgeable in both fresh and salt water. He has competed in local tournaments on big lakes and his ability to make key adjustments has helped him in the salt with many jackpots under his belt. We are also proud of his service as a retired Staff Sergeant in the US Army.





David Barker: 20 yrs experience

Very knowledgeable in both freshwater and saltwater tackle. David loves fishing saltwater Calico Bass and freshwater Largemouth Bass, he is a local park bass ninja. Stop by the shop and see David for all of your tackle needs.







Dave Torres: 30 yrs experience

30 years of experience in local sport fishing and freshwater. A specialist in Small Boat, Kayak and Float Tube Fishing.







Dave Anaya

I’ve been fishing since I was about 6-7 years old, mostly local ponds & lakes.  In my teens I graduated to salt water fishing.  I do 1/2-3/4 to 3 day trips locally and in San Diego.  I’m bilingual (Spanish) I ‘m here to help you catch more fish.  I don’t claim to know everything but willing to pass on the info I do have.  If you have questions please ask














Matt Toscano: 4 yrs experience

Matt the youngest of the Sav On staff has been fishing for 4 years yet has a great deal of knowledge for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. Weather you come in looking for tips and tricks for freshwater bass and trout or come in looking for your ideal fishing set up for saltwater yellowtail and bass matt has you covered. So come on down and talk to Matt and he will get you all situated.